Located in Haggerston, Hackney Hounds is your groom room boutique for pooch pampering.  We also offer home boarding, dog buddy day care, dog shows and a petite poochy playgroup for our smaller friends.

Hello! My name is Camille and I am the owner and head groomer at Hackney Hounds. A bit about me: I love making things look pretty, after being a primary school teacher for years I am extremely patient and… I ADORE DOGS. I am City & Guilds qualified in grooming and have received training in Canine First Aid.

I specialise in scissor cutting so the outcome is always very natural with no harsh lines as clipper cuts often are.  We only use organic products that are suited to your dog's skin type, we definitely do not use cages and we allow more time per appointment than other groom rooms so that your pooch can be introduced to each new piece of equipment and feel calm. Your fido is guaranteed to come back looking younger after a pamper session at HH and as the
Google reviews will tell you, your dog will not be afraid of returning for a groom next time.

Does your pooch need to find some other pups his/ her own size to play with to avoid getting terrorised by bigger dog in day care?  Petite Poochey Playgroup exactly caters for our smaller friends to enjoy a fairer type of play. 


Hackney Hounds started by offering home boarding to dogs.  The days of kennelling your dog when you go away is mostly over, with the majority of owners choosing home boarding for their doggy best friend. 



0750 363 0927



34 Albion Drive


E8 4ET


By appointment

7 days a week


 Lots of toys to play with!

Lots of toys to play with!

  From left, Quentin, Spinach, Sparkles and Freddie on Sparkle’s first day.

From left, Quentin, Spinach, Sparkles and Freddie on Sparkle’s first day.

Petite Poochey Playgroup


Every Tuesday & Thursday

A stream of photos and videos with commentary is Whats Apped to every owner throughout the day so you can see what your pup is up to!

Check out pics and videos on our insta @hackney_hounds

Does your pooch need to find some other pups his/ her own size to play with to avoid getting terrorised by bigger dog in day care?  Petite Poochey Playgroup exactly caters for our smaller friends to enjoy a fairer type of play.  This service is only for dogs who can play nicely!  Owners wishing to seek a place at daycare for their pup will be invited to meet the pack for a half day to ensure that everyone gets on. There are strict maximum amount of dogs a day so that play is safe and supervised and so dogs feel secure knowing the others in the pack.

Updated December 2018

This group now consists of a 1st and 2nd generation of puppies who are around 8months and 4 months. All other details from the the September still apply (see below).

Updated September 2018

Warning currently this group is puppy heavy at present!  It has been amazing watching each puppy’s socialisation journey, seeing their confidence grow and learn how to stand up for themselves, share, learn appropriate boundaries for dogs of different sizes.

We start the day a walk in Haggerston Park, exploring the woods, checking in at the farm and looking in the pond or venture down along the canal to Victoria Park. Before anyone gets too tired, we head home and usually have a full on 20 minutes of play before the pre-lunch sleep. 

Lunch is served in a variety of different maze eating bowls, toys and snuffle mats to stop the puppies from gulping down their food and keep their minds active and problem solving.  Different dietary concerns catered for/ if your dog is too old for lunch they will not be teased having to watch those that do!

During the afternoon, the toys come out in the garden and the Groom Room at the bottom of the garden.  The garden is a safe place to explore and has lots of secret spaces under bushes, a lawn to roll around on and if they are lucky a frog or two to jump around with! Owners are asked to not bring their dogs own toys because puppies have been found to be protective over their own toys!

1/2 day (4hrs)


Full day (8hr) 


Additional hours can be arranged in advance.

Dog Boarding.jpg

Home Boarding

Events @ Hackney Hounds

Bring your hound to meet the rest of the pack!

De Beauvoir Dog Show 2018.jpeg

De Beauvoir Dog Show 

Sunday 16th September 2018

Part of the Flower & Produce Show, only the first 60 applicants get to compete so turn up early!  This year, Richard Arnold from Good Morning Britain is hosting the event.  Goodie bags given to doggies and the 2 winners (voted by crowd cheering) will be awarded a free groom at Hackney Hounds.  


Victoria Park Dog Show

Sunday 9 September 2018

Arranged by the charity All Dogs Matter, this show is huge with up to 300 doggies taking part!  Excellent way for your dog to meet others and win some great prizes.

Dogs Day Out_ London Fields 15Sept2018.jpg

Dogs Day Out

Saturday 15th September 2018

Battersea invites you (and your owners) for a family fun day like no other.Alongside a tombola, face painting and wheel of fortune-style quiz, you’ll find our Canine Behaviour and Community Engagement teams ready to offer advice on all things dog related. You can even test out your dog’s skills on our agility course, prove your dog is the best by entering them in our dog show, or simply come along and have a chat with Battersea.


Albion Drive Summer St Shindig 

Sunday 15th July 2018

Take to the streets once more for a day of kiddies competitions, doggy trials, neighbours getting out the BBQs, the famous tug o' war competitions and a big old sound system to dance away the weekend. 



Wilton Way Wedding Dog Show

The royal Wedding Street Party @ Wilton Way 

Saturday 19th May 2018

Don your fascinator or tux and come to toast to the day when Harry met Meghan on Wilton Way E8.  Although most of the public's eyes will be on the happy couple we will be saving some limelight for our canine friends who will be vying for first place as:

Queen of the Canines

King of the Canines

Dog most like it's owner

Best Trick.

Dog of month

Meet Sniff

Sniff was a rescue dog until Gary took him into his home and made him royalty.

Sniff is loyal, well behaved and walks a mean heel.  He couldn't have hoped to be placed with an owner who took better care of him.  Sniff now even sends out his own personalised Christmas and Valentine's day cards!  He is a dream in the groom room too.  The only thing that Sniff and Gary do not see eye to eye on these days is...... FOXES.  Sniff despises the creatures.  And although Sniff can sit, stay, roll over, balance sausages on his nose, when a fox is in the vicinity he loses his mind and the fight response kicks in.  On every meeting Gary relayed the most recent fox- related action thriller story (like when Sniff cornered a fox in closed allotments which he had snuck into leaving Gary calling the park ranger desperately through the fence.) 

Last time I heard from Gary & Sniff the tone had changed from chuckles to suddenly not funny.  After weeks of quiet on the fox- front, they were taking a long walk on Hackney Marshes when Sniff got the scent and bolted.  Luckily Gary had the tracker on Sniff's collar and was able to locate him, but Sniff saw his owner was still in tow and disappeared down the fox hole and into the warren.  Poor Gary listened to the fight going on underground for an hour until all went quiet and a little later the tracker went dead.  The RSPCA attended saying they could not tell if it were a fox or badger hole but that he should pray for the former.  After 5 long, painful hours Gary had to come to terms with the fact that Sniff may have been defeated and asked the park rangers to dig out his body.  They advised that the digger would make the warren collapse in which event Sniff, if alive, would be crushed.  With a heavy heart Gary declined the offer of the digger and decided to carry on waiting.  

Twenty minutes later, a badly injured Sniff came limping slowly out of the warren.  You can imagine Gary's relief.   A couple of emergency operations, facial stitches and a cone for 4 weeks.  We all wondered if it had put Sniff off foxes for life or if he would just be wanting to get his own back on fox-kind.  Gary & Sniff are now moving out of London. To a place near the sea.  Where foxes are a rare sight.   


Sniff before HH



After a Visit to HH


Happy Valentines!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

This dog needs a date Sniff 

And bad luck it's you!


Friday 13th 


Sniff's new life.


Perks by the seaside

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